Control Your Crazy

Work the Good. Tame the Bad and Ugly.

Dr. Maria Bivins-Smith

Doesn’t a little crazy get us laughing, innovating, risk taking, and creating? It’s when crazy becomes out of balance and spirals out of control that we experience distress.

Control Your Crazy helps you accept all of you and discover how you can be your personal best. You can use CYC to improve your family, work and love life every day. CYC provides you with the tools to help you make your brain your source of strength, empowerment, and joy.

What are you waiting for?

Start making you better, now! Dr. Bivins-Smith shares over 25 years of combined experiences as a leader, change management consultant, psychologist, and coach to bring you practical and proven strategies for personal improvement. CYC is a refreshing and empowering perspective on mental wellness.

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