There are some basics for emotional well-being. These include getting sufficient sleep, exercising, and eating healthy. It’s important for me to check in with my clients and examine their habits in these areas. Your mind is your brain and your brain is part of your body. Staying mentally healthy includes paying attention to these important areas of health.

But, saying what to do, as many of us experience is easy. It’s the doing that can be challenging. But if you can schedule, you can organize your way to better overall well-being.

An easy way to remember these basics is about making S.E.N.S.E.:

make you Excel!

At the beginning of your week or the beginning of your day, prioritize these activities in your schedule, so you can excel.

Scheduling is the first step. It is difficult to accomplish goals if you do not schedule the time to do them. Scheduling includes PRIORITIZING and PLANNING. Prioritizing what is important to you for your wellness will help you set goals. Planning will help you take the time to accomplish your goals.

In reality, we don’t make time. Twenty-four hours is what we get each day.

If we want to achieve, we can CHOOSE to TAKE the time and schedule.

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