Attending to your wellness means doing activities directed at maintaining or moving toward a healthy state. You can think of mental wellness just like taking care of your body. After all, your brain (where the mental part comes from) is part of your body. Your brain is an organ—living tissue with chemical and electrical functions. Your brain is responsible for all you are and do, as well as how you feel and your ability to think.

When you take care of your body you take care of your brain, which means you’re taking care of your mental health. This connection is why studies show the connection between exercise, diet, sleep, and mental health. How many of us become cranky when we don’t sleep enough or skip meals? Exercise, diet, and sleep are activities that impact our mood. Lack of exercise, poor diet, and lack of sleep can lead to not only to diseases like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, but feelings of depression and anxiety.

Taking care of your body is taking care of your brain. Taking care of your brain is taking care of your mental health.

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